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Arize, an easy-to-use digital solution to deliver quality 3D printed custom foot orthotics

Quick, reliable, custom orthotics solution

Prescribe with the touch of a button – a simple process that can be done in as little as 5 minutes. Once you submit an order, get exactly what you expect.

< 1% return rate,
every time
2-week turnaround time,
all year long
flat-rate pricing

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Get exactly what you order

With our easy-to-use app, you’ll have full control over your patients’ final orthoses. Plus, you can prescribe and reorder with confidence.1


Improved function, fit, and feel 


Create lightweight, low-profile orthoses enabled by 3D printing4.

Quickly apply industry-standard modifications

Choose from intrinsic or extrinsic heel posts, flanges, and many more, or request special modifications.

Provide innovative custom foot orthotic designs

Create custom orthotics with innovative design modifications enabled by 3D printing4, such as printed Morton's and Reverse Morton's Extensions.

Precise custom foot orthotics, every single order

Get what you expect with precision, consistency, and control enabled by a digital solution1.

Prescribe with precision

Get accurate scans in as little as 2 minutes.3

Encourage patient buy-in

With 3D visualization tools that help illustrate the benefits of orthoses.

Reorder with confidence

Get exactly what you expect with consistent results every time1.

What are podiatrists saying?

Check out the 2021 Orthotic industry report

Learn more about orthotic industry trends, get insights from industry experts, and explore the opportunities for change to delivery better orthoses.


Frequently asked questions

How much do the custom foot orthoses cost?

Please contact your local sales representative or contact us here to book a demo


How long should it take to receive my orthoses after I submit my order? What is the standard TAT (Turn Around Time)?

2 weeks or less (for orthoses orders submitted without design consultation and without modifications after order is submitted)


Is shipping included in the price of the Arize orthotic?

  • Shipping is included for new orders being shipped from manufacturing to your clinic.
  • All shipping from Customer to HP is paid by Customer. 
  • All shipping from HP to Customer is paid by HP.


What material is the Arize orthotic shell 3D printed of?

HP 3D High ReusabilityPA 12. Check for more information. 


What is offered in the Arize Orthotic Solution?

All technology and support components of the end-to-end solution are included:

  • Arize Orthotic Solution with remote technical and clinical support
  • Delivered to your clinic
  • Manufacturing and shipping to your clinic
  • Unlimited modifications


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About us

Developed in collaboration with podiatrists and leading industry experts, Arize is a new digital solution that helps podiatrists create custom foot orthoses tailored to the patient, quickly, easily, accurately, and reliably. The Arize Orthotic Solution leverages HP 3D Printing technology and aims to further HP’s mission to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.